What is the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC)?

The CCC is a global collaboration to develop smartphone-based connected-car solutions. CCC members have created MirrorLink® – a technology standard for controlling a nearby smartphone from the steering wheel or via dashboard buttons and screens.

What is the scope and strategy of the CCC?

The CCC is a global organization whose members include the world’s leaders in auto manufacturing, mobile communications and consumer electronics. Membership is open to any company wishing to increase safety and innovation on today’s roads. By developing smartphone connectivity solutions around a single standard, manufacturers can more quickly and easily make connected driving safer and more enjoyable.

What types of companies belong to the CCC?

The CCC currently includes 70%  of the world’s automakers and 70%  of the world’s smartphone makers.

What is MirrorLink?

MirrorLink is a technology standard for controlling a nearby smartphone from the steering wheel or via dashboard buttons and screens. The technology leverages a vehicle’s controls and displays to give consumers access to their smartphone apps while driving, allowing them to be connected and responsible at the same time.

What MirrorLink’s core benefits?

For mobile app developers, MirrorLink is a one-stop shop to design apps that integrate with cars. For OS vendors and handset manufacturers, MirrorLink extends brand experience into cars. For regulators, MirrorLink offers a sensible alternative to the outright prohibition of smartphone use while driving. For mobile operators, MirrorLink makes it possible to continue delivering mobile services to subscribers while they are behind the wheel. And for consumers, MirrorLink makes connected driving more responsible and more enjoyable.

What does it mean when a product is MirrorLink-certified?

If a product is MirrorLink-certified, this means it has been vetted by a CCC-approved certification laboratory and will work with a complementary MirrorLink-enabled device or system. If a smartphone app is MirrorLink-certified, this means it is adaptable to restricted or safe-driving mode when the smartphone is connected via MirrorLink to a MirrorLink-enabled vehicle.

How does MirrorLink address interoperability? 

As a standard, MirrorLink is designed to maximize interoperability.  It’s designed so that a wide range of smartphones can synch with a wide range of cars and aftermarket head units.

In which countries is MirrorLink available?

MirrorLink is available in multiple countries. Please take a look at our cars and phones pages and/or check with your local showrooms.

How is MirrorLink different from Android Auto or Apple CarPlay?

MirrorLink is the only standard with commercial volume products on the market. Also, MirrorLink is designed to work with any smartphone and operating system. Manufacturers only need adopt the technology.